Mosquitoes and Biological Rhythms

Samuel Rund, PhD.

Researching mosquitoes, malaria, and biological rhythms at the University of Notre Dame

Research interests


Huge amounts of local mosquito trapping is performed across the United States. I want to collate this data to empower 'Big Data' for mosquitoes.

Mosquito circadian rhythms 

Mosquitoes adjust their biology dramatically across the 24 hour day. This manifests as rhythms in behaviors, susceptibilities to disease and insecticide, olfactory sensitivity, and more.

Mosquito respiration

Little work has been performed on mosquito larval respiration research since the advent of chemical pesticides. I'm revisiting this. 

MALARIA circadian rhYTHMS

In collaboration with the Reece Lab at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), we ask questions on how the malaria parasite keeps time inside the human host, how mosquitoes keep time, and how biological timing drives disease transmission. 

Mosquito seasonality

Mosquitoes use seasonal cues to adjust their behavior to survive wintertime conditions, I'm studying the mechanisms by which they determine the season and then how they respond. 


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